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License type: Freeware
File Size: 11.88MB
Version: Demo .01
Developer: RockstarGames
Date Updated: JUN-02-2014

GTA is one of the releases of the “Grand Theaft Auto” saga, a game that has raised controversy all around the world because of the violence it offers all the time.

In GTA you can become the most respected gangster of the city. But to handle this kind of task is not easy; first, you have to accomplish different kinds of missions, such as: killing characters, stealing cars and other activities that regular citizens are not supposed to do.

Be part of the gangs that make up society to become the leader of the most frightening bands.

Drive without limits and step on anything that gets on your way withGTA. Be sure to get out of the vehicle before it explodes and you end up with your visit to the city.